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Shareholder Agreement


About This Service

What is a shareholder agreement?

A shareholder agreement is basically an arrangement among the shareholders of a company. It comprises provisions concerning the operation of the company as well as the relationship between its shareholders.

A shareholder agreement is also considered as the stockholder agreement. This agreement helps in protecting corporate entities along with the shareholder investment in that company.

You need to know that this agreement is formed with the motive to protect the business and its shareholders effectively. It also helps in assuring that all the shareholders are treated impartially.

As a result, this agreement is beneficial to smaller shareholders who generally have limited control over the business operation.

For the shareholders, this agreement plans what their rights and duties are and how the shares can be dispersed or sold. However, for the business, this agreement defines how the company needs to function and how important verdicts will be made.

It is important for you to know that the agreement’s contents, as well as provisions, differ in diverse cases. The details completely depend upon the nature of the entity, the class of shares as well as different other factors.

Why it is required?Β 

All the corporation that has shareholders require a shareholder agreement. Even if the company is private but closely held with only a few shareholders requires to have an agreement.

However, small private corporations often make use of this agreement more when compared to the big public companies.

This agreement mainly concentrates on the voting of shares of stock, restrictions as well as protections of these shares. Its prime motive is to set out the rights, responsibilities as well as obligations of both the company as well as shareholders & their bond.

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