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RERA License


A Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) License in India is a crucial legal requirement for entities engaged in the real estate sector. Issued by the respective State RERA authorities, this license ensures compliance with the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, and plays a pivotal role in enhancing transparency, accountability, and protection for homebuyers.


What is a RERA License?

A RERA License is a regulatory approval granted by the State Real Estate Regulatory Authority to real estate developers and agents. It is mandatory for entities involved in real estate projects, ensuring that they adhere to the provisions of RERA, which includes project registration, disclosure of project details, and protecting the interests of homebuyers.


When is a RERA License Required?

Entities undertaking real estate projects exceeding a certain threshold, as defined by RERA, are required to obtain a RERA License before initiating the projects. This applies to both residential and commercial real estate developments.


Importance of a RERA License:

A RERA License is of paramount importance in promoting transparency and protecting the interests of homebuyers. It mandates developers to disclose project details, adhere to project timelines, and establish an escrow account for project funds, ensuring financial discipline. Having this license enhances credibility and trust among potential homebuyers.


Criteria for a RERA License:

To qualify for a RERA License, entities must meet specific criteria set by the respective State RERA authorities. This includes providing details of the project, financial statements, legal title of the land, and other relevant information. The authorities evaluate compliance with these criteria before granting the license.


How to Apply for a RERA License:

  1. Project Details: Provide comprehensive details of the real estate project, including its size, location, expected timeline, and financial aspects.


  1. Legal Title of Land: Demonstrate legal ownership or possession of the land on which the project is proposed.


  1. Financial Statements: Furnish financial statements indicating the source of funds for the project and establish an escrow account for project-related expenses.


  1. Documentation: Prepare and submit all necessary documentation as required by the State RERA authorities.


  1. RERA Authority Evaluation: The State RERA authorities review the application, ensuring compliance with the criteria and conducting necessary inspections.


  1. Approval: If the authorities are satisfied with the application, they grant approval for the RERA License, allowing the entity to commence and market the real estate project.


How Business Badhega Can Help:

Business Badhega helps businesses get a RERA License in India. Our expert team guides through licensing, ensuring compliance. We simplify complex procedures, serving as a valuable partner for a legal presence in real estate.



Importance and Support for “Comply India, Grow India” Mission:

Getting an RERA License isn’t just about following the rules; it’s also about making the real estate market more trustworthy. Following the rules helps the business grow and builds trust. The Business Badhega backs “Comply India, Grow India” because they know that following the rules leads to long-term progress in both business and the country.



Start your legal real estate journey in India with Business Badhega. Let us guide you to obtain your RERA License. Contact us for personalized assistance, ensuring a compliant path to success. Comply, grow, and contribute to India’s growth.

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