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Public Interest Litigation (PIL)


About This Service

In the court for any public interest, a person can easily file the Public Interest Litigation (PIL). This litigation is mainly filed for different matters including terrorism, acid attack, constructional hazards, bonded labor, pollution, environmental degradation, road safety, and many more.

PIL is offered to the people of India in order to directly file a petition to the Supreme Court or High Court. However, any person can file public interest litigation.

The main purpose of public interest litigation is to pursue impartiality facing the government when it is noticed that the government is denying someone their interest as well as rights.

Β  How we can help? Β 

We, atΒ, offer public interest litigation services and help the common people access the court easily and obtain the legal address.

You just need to submit the required documents and our professionals will do all the paperwork for public interest litigation. Apart from this, we also charge a very minimal amount for offering this service.

Therefore, through public interest litigation, we have people to get their rights

Benefits of PIL (Public Interest Litigation) Β 

There are several benefits of Public Interest Litigation:

  • Public interest litigation helps in clarifying the law and hold public bodies to account by ensuring that they make the right choices as well as act fairly with the powers given to them
  • By permitting the judges to understand legislation, PIL assists and develops the law
  • It also gives weak people a voice by giving importance to major issues. PIL also offers a platform for encouraging people’s rights
  • By supporting public debate and media coverage, PIL raises awareness about the major problems
  • Since there is only a nominal rate of court fees due to which it is considered the cost-effective solution for attentive citizens.
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