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Property Registration


About This Service

So, you have found the place you want to purchase or found a buyer for your property and want to get an agreement prepared. The agreement for this will constitute all the terms on which the sale is going to take place, the date on which the sale will be completed as well as the conditions.

Once the agreement document is signed and implemented, it requires to be stamped. Together, this makes the property registration process.

For the property registration, the lawyers will accompany you on the appointed date in order to complete the registration of the sale deed at the Registrar’s office. They will also collect all the required registered documents from the Registrar’s office.

Documents required for property registration

In order to get the registration done for the property, you need some documents including: Β Β Β·

  • ID card for witnesses
  • Duly stamped signed and executed documents
  • ID card for executants and claimant
  • Sale deed signed by the claimant
  • PAN card or number
  • Patta passbook
  • Patta transfer application along with court fee

How we can help?Β 

Our team atΒ BusinessBadhega.comΒ will help you to interact with professionals who are involved in property registration so that the process is smooth. Just provide us all the necessary documents and we will do the legal work on your behalf.

So, call us today and get your property registration done in a short time.

Benefits of property registrationΒ Β 

Once the property registration is done, you can avail several benefits like:

  • Β Always remember that unregistered land has a great risk of fraud. Property registration helps in protecting your land from fraud and also prevent third party application for contrary possession
  • Registration makes it easy to buy and sell the property because all the title information important for conveying will be there in the land register


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