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Non-Disclosure Agreement


About This Service

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A non-disclosure agreement is mainly a common way to shield your trade secrets as well as other private information. This agreement is a legal contract that provides certain information to be confidential and the extent to which its revelation is constrained to third parties.

You need to know that this non-disclosure agreement can be entered into with a person or an organization. Some of the confidential information included in this agreement are trade secrets, drawings, business plans, business procedures and plans, charts, and several others.

In the category of confidential information, several software programs, as well as codes, are also included. You need to know that consultants and agencies are asked for signing in order to effectively protect trade secrets as they often work with numerous organizations within the same industry.

There are three different types of non-disclosure agreements:

One-way or unilateral agreement:Β In this agreement, only one party has private or confidential information that can be shared with another party. The party in power is known as the disclosing party and the other one is called the receiving party.Β Β Β  Two-way or bilateral agreement:Β In such type of agreement, two parties are involved and both can share confidential information.

Multilateral agreement:Β This agreement involves 3 or more parties. One of them reveals sensitive or confidential information while the others promise to shield such information from further revelations.

Why it is required?

Businesses that are involved in working on third-party projects need to ensure that their employees sign NDAs to stop the use as well as disclosure of confidential information and also assure clients that their data is completely safe.

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