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Joint Venture Agreement


About This Service

What is a joint venture?

A joint venture agreement is mainly signed between organizations that decide to form a partnership as well as wish to enter into a legally binding contract. This agreement also covers the areas of cooperation and divergence and at the same time state all the important details linked to sharing profits.

A joint venture agreement officially binds both the parties and defines the scope of shared effort, disparity as well as eases provisions for sharing the profits and enterprising operations.

Usually, a Memorandum of Understanding is created between the parties that are involved before getting into a joint development agreement.

Documents required for a joint venture agreement Β 

For the joint venture agreement, some important documents are required:

  • All documents associated with the venture agreement should have the name of the joint venture
  • The documents prepared by either of the members, associated with the venture or project replicate the performance of activities that are completed under the contract.
  • Copyrights (if any) need to be granted to a member of the agreement by another member to copy the same work.
  • Papers that assure its members against claims, liabilities, damages, costs as well as expenses sustained as a consequence of refusing the designs, drawings as part of a project under the venture.

Why it is required?

A joint venture agreement helps a business to work with another entity at the same time working as a separate legal identity. It is also a minimum liability substitute for businesses in which 100% of FDI is employed.

This venture permits you to access new markets as well as resources that further helps in sharing the risks.

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