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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs under the Companies Act, 2013, all the companies in India are ruled. Under this act, every company, after incorporation needs to fulfill several obligatory lawful duties.

You need to understand that all the compliance requirements are complicated with each dropping on different due dates and not meeting them on time is going to have a negative impact on the company.

The company needs to pay heavy fines of almost Rs. 1 lakh a year and even the directors are blacklisted. Being a company owner, you need to maintain a public record that consists of the company’s information including the yearly returns of the company which is present in the Companies Register.

It is important for you to know that all the companies need to update the yearly returns on a regular basis.

Why Company Compliance is Required? Β 

Compliance helps in assuring that a company support a positive image as well as build consumer trust. This also assists in building consumer trustworthiness because the customers are more likely to use a service or product from a company that they recognize as honest.

What Are The Benefits of Company Compliance?Β 

There are several benefits of company compliance and some of them are stated below:

  • Improved governance of information
  • Assures higher employee retention
  • Expands operational performance
  • Nurtures best compliance practices

Filling Yearly Company Compliance:Β Β 

There are several compulsory compliances that almost all companies have to fulfill. We, at, have a team of professionals including company secretaries, chartered accountants as well as accounting and taxation professionals who are indulged in taking care of all your compliance needs.

Our team will also cover all the compliance necessities that are instructed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Facilitation of Meetings of The Board of Directors:

Within the 30 days of business incorporation, the first meeting is conducted, and then four other meetings are held every quarter in a year. However, between the two successive meetings, there should not be a gap of more than 120 days.

Preparation of The Minutes of Records of Meeting:

It is vital for every company to file its minutes of the meetings and then preserve them properly to add value at the time of any disagreements. At the registered office, all the meeting minutes are maintained.

Issue of Share Certificates:

Within 60 days of incorporation, the company needs to issue a share certificate to all the subscribers of the memo.

Filing of Disclosures of Director’s Welfares and Declarations of Disqualification:

It is necessary for all the directors to make disclosures about their interest in other businesses in the very first board meeting.

With RoC, Filing Statements of Commencement of Business:

Upon the registration of the company, this needs to be done. With the 180 days of company establishment, form INC 20A requires to be filed.

Facilitation of Annual General Meetings:

Every year, a company needs to conduct at least one annual general meeting. The very first AGM is conducted within the nine months from the closing of the first monetary year of the company.

In other cases, it should be conducted within six months from finishing of the economic year.

Trimestral Compliance

It is necessary for all the company to hold at least four meetings of its bords or directors and at least one meeting should be held after every three months of the year.Β  Β 

Statutory Registrations:

All the required statutory registration including GST, PF, IEC, ESI, etc. should be done properly.

Therefore, to know more about the company’s compliance, you can contact,Β who is an industry leading expert.