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Cheque Bounce Notice


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When a bank does not honor a payment, a cheque bounce. Some of the major reasons behind cheque bounce are a mismatch of figures written on the cheque, wrong signature as well as overwriting.

Since these matters are small and can be solved easily without the intervention of the court. However, if the cheque bounces due to the shortage of funds in the drawer’s account then it is a major cause for concern.

Section 138 of the Negotiable instruments Act, 1881, is known for governing the cheque bounce. However, you mainly two options in case, the cheque received by you is bounced.

You can either send the personal notice and in case, there is no reply after 15 days then you can directly send them a legal notice by filing a grievance in court.

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If you have any queries about cheque bounce then simply contact our experienced professionals who are just one call away.Β  Β 

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