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Certificate AMC Package


About This Service

Reefer Business (Pharma and Food Industry) Certification AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is designed to help and get all compliances on ISO, GDP, CTPAT Certification and HR System.
Maintaining compliances is the most challenging task in the transport industry due to multiple factors. Our certification AMC has solved the problem for entire compliances, so the transport industry can focus on their sales and operation.
Our Certification AMC will be Implemented:
  • Without Hiring New Staff
  • Without Spending Too Much Money
  • Organised Documents
  • Anytime Ready for Client’s Audit
  • Organised & Secured Documents
  • Facing Audit on behalf of your Auditor
  • Training Workforce to Give More Output etc.
If Your Co. is Not Compliance to Get More Business in Today’s World, Get Certificate AMC to Get Get Qualified by Client/ Govt./Tender and expand Your Business to Become a Big Brand.
The Problem in the Transport Industry:
  • Not Taking Seriously on Compliances
  • Manipulating Compliances Due To Lack of Knowledge/No Time,
  • Rejection from Major Good Clients
  • No Tie-Up w/Client
  • Work With Big Brand/Aggregators
  • No Compliances
  • Poor Compliances
  • Unwanted Penalty
  • Poor Performance of Employee
  • Vendor and Co
  • No More Sales
  • No Right Employee
  • No Right & Controlled Vendors
  • No Clear Define Employee R&R
  • Payment
  • Business Expansion
  • Automation
  • Brand Reputation
Our Steps to Secure & Get Complied:
  • Updating to Business Mindset
  • Assuring Business Compliances
  • 100% Compliances on Every Reports & Records
  • Shifting Employees Competencies
  • Stop Getting Disqualified by any Client
  • Solving Employees Problem to Not Able to Perform
  • Organised Person & Dept. From Not Getting Time To Manage All
  • Upgrading Skill Who is Lack of Knowledge
Mission To Educate Everyone on Business Compliances:
Don’t’ Depend 100% on any Consultant! Yes, Join Our Mission & Social Media to Get a Free Compliances Knowledge & Awareness To Save Your Huge Amount & Time and Be a Vocal in Every Local!
“Our Educating, Transparency & Problem Solving Approach Drives Us To Give Smile To Every Single Client”